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Cydel was founded by two organisational psychologists, both with decades of experience in the defence and aviation sectors. We are highly trained and specialize in the niche areas of evidence-based psychological science and data analytics.  Our mission is to help businesses and organisations realise the immense potential of their human capital and maximise organisational success.

Our partnerships with clients have provided them with valuable insights. We have designed successful user-centred solutions in the areas of talent assessment and selection, training design and evaluation systems, organisational development, data analytics, and safety and human factors.



Assessing And Selecting The Best Fit For Your Company

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Training And Feedback To Build A Resilient Team



Partnership In Your Company’s Growth



Shaping A Culture Of Safety And Awareness

Our Approach




Every organisation is different. We seek to understand your organisation and how your people, team, technology  and organisational factors interact, and develop bespoke solutions tailored to address your organisation’s needs.



We seek simplicity in our solutions, and integrate them into well designed processes that are easy to implement. Our aim is to help our clients develop sustainable solutions that work past our consultancy engagement.



Our solutions are developed based on psychological science, and we drill deeper to understand issues using data analytics and predictive techniques.  We help uncover insights through data, and develop interventions that are innovative and scientifically backed.



Employing the wrong person for the job has negative impact on the individual, and on their team, resulting in losses in productivity and revenue for the organisation.  We understand the importance of finding the right person who fits the job, and is aligned with your organisational values and culture.


We can help design a bespoke talent system that works effectively, saving you valuable manpower resources, by:

  • Holistically identifying job requirements, such as competencies, and the softer aspects like personality, attitudes and values.
  • Scouting and evaluating the market for the most appropriate and validated tests that assess these requirements,
  • Using advanced data science and predictive techniques to rigorously test that your selection system works effectively.


The performance of any organisation is dependent on its people. We understand the factors that enable individuals and teams to flourish and achieve peak performance. Our aim is to help people and teams achieve success even in challenging environments and situations.


Using a blend of proven performance enhancement techniques and cognitive strategies based on psychological science, we design training to help people develop mental skills to enhance performance, well-being and resilience.


We have worked closely with elite pilots and high performing teams like the flying aerobatic team, and like them, we can help others achieve success by harnessing the power of their mind.


Organisations with great work cultures are able to effectively engage their people. An engaged workforce is more productive, more creative and are more likely to stay longer in the organisation.


We help our clients harness the full potential of their organisation through:

  • Diagnosing their current work climate and engagement levels,
  • Identifying areas of concern, and uncovering insights through data analytics,
  • Work in partnership with clients to develop a range of interventions to shape behaviour and enable change.


While human error is inevitable, it can lead to loss of lives and injury. The resulting reputational impact and losses in revenue can be devastating to high risk organisations. We believe that a good safety record is achievable and critical for business profitability. We have deep understanding of what it takes to build effective safety culture and the factors relating to shaping safety behaviour across people, teams, management and leadership. With our extensive experience in developing safety reporting and human factor analysis systems in the aviation industry, we can help build customised safety systems that work for your organisation.


The key to safety in any organisation lies with their people. Our human factors training synthesises latest research across human factors engineering, cognitive psychology and safety science.  We can help your organisation improve your safety record, by equipping your people with human factors understanding and skills to mitigate human error.


We are an innovative, people focused, and performance led team.

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Delicia Ser

Organisational Psychologist

Delicia has two decades in the aviation and defence industry as a Senior Principal Psychologist. She is highly accomplished across all domains in organisational psychology, with specialty niche in safety and human factors. She led the development of an intelligent human factor analysis system embedded within a safety open reporting system now employed by the Republic of Singapore Air Force. She also developed its human factors training program and was key member of the Singapore Airlines SQ006 accident investigation team as a human factors expert. She has served for the last 15 years as a volunteer Inspector of Accidents with the Transport Safety Investigation Bureau in Singapore’s Ministry of Transport.


She has designed and implemented climate and engagement surveys across the Singapore defence ministry. Her strength in data analytics was crucial in discovering insights resulting in positive organisational change. She was a pioneer in Aviation Psychology in Singapore and established and validated the pilot and aircrew selection system currently used by RSAF.


Delicia was trained in the UK, and received her Psychology degree from the University of Sheffield. She completed her MSc in Applied Psychology from Cranfield University, a unique blend of human factors and occupational psychology, a British Psychological Society accredited Occupational Psychology program.


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Cheng Chin Yi

Organisational Psychologist

Chin Yi is highly competent across the domains of organisational psychology, and has vast experience as a Senior Principal Psychologist in the defence ministry for almost 20 years. Her speciality area is in talent assessment and selection, and human performance training. She played a key role, leading in the design and development of assessment tools for pilots and air traffic controllers, now currently incorporated as part of the aircrew selection suite used by the Republic of Singapore Air Force. She was also instrumental in the development of an adaptability and resilience training implemented across the Air Force.


Chin Yi has participated in numerous military aviation accident investigations as a human factors expert, and conducted human factors training for safety appointment holders. Her strengths are in conducting applied research and interventions in performance and cognitive enhancement, translating these into programs for military aircrew.


Chin Yi received her Psychology degree from the University of Sheffield, and completed her MSc in Occupational Psychology from the University of Leicester, a British Psychological Society accredited Occupational Psychology program.






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